about the d.

       Born on earth. Enthusiast of art, film, music, entertainment and gadgets. He began his adventure with sound on guitar at the age of 15. Initially infected with the sound of rock and derivatives, he tried to sound with garage bands. At the turn of the next few years, he shaped his life with the music of all sorts, sharing his passions with various musicians. In the end he found a potential project under the name:


Where he settled for the next few years. And, after a long musical nap, with the course of evolution and the pure needs of the soul and he-art, he began his own project “danloop”, which is now a bridge between the reality and imagination.
The time is coming for new open musical experiments.
He didn’t want to reveal more, but d. assures that this creation is going to the source that has not been known before…

MORE about d. ..

He has been passionate about games since he was a child. He devoted and has been still devoting them most oh his free time. His favourite genres are survival horror and fantasy games. He also loves shooters. Doom is his second love. He began his adventure in the gaming world from classics like Alone in the Dark, Quake, Baldur’s Gate, Gothic, Kingpin life on Crime, Diablo or Medievil. As a kid of the 90’s he remembers the times when the world of computer games began. He had this pleasure to grow up in these times and play newer and newer titles. To this day he remembers these memorable evenings, which he and his friends were spending together after returning from school. Then they were mostly sitting in front of the yellowed computer’s monitor. Playing games with friends made him happier than playing alone. Every time he returns to those times, he feels nostalgia. And it is a beautiful feeling. However, d. prefers the console. Currently has quite a large library of games for the Switch console. His attention has been recently drawn to the games producted by niche studios, so called indie games. Having the possibility to make a contribution to the project, which intrigued him a lot from the beginning, he decided to take part in the survival horror games campaign which took place on the popular Kickstarter platform. You can judge the effects of this collaboration by downloading a game called Lamentum.

Music plays an equally important role in his life. In 00’s he grew up listening to the music of bands like Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Korn, Kasabian, Nine Inch Nails. He started his adventure with electric guitar at the age of 15. He decided to start a garage band together with his friends from estate. After some time the band unfortunately split up and each of the guys went his own way. A few years later he got involved in a project called DinkS. Unfortunately, he didn’t feel completely fulfilled there. After a long break he finally decided to start his own project called ‘danloop’. He likes to experiment with music, that is why he doesn’t limit himself to the specific music genre. He draws inspiration from various sources. You can listen to some of his original tracks in the ‘music’ and ‘loops’ tabs.

But his interests are not only video games and music. He also likes to watch a good movie, read an interesting book or play board games with his friends. He is also a gadgeteer. You can read more about his interests in the ‘dlog’ section. Enjoy!