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1-one of my first game play I remember is ROBBO. The  greatest title on ATARI developed by Polish programmer Janusz Pelc. It’s an adventure and logic platformer about little robot named ROBBO who was jailed on labyrinth of planets and of course he needs to leave outside and go back home. In game we need to help him find a scattered screws, collect them and go to next capsule. But there is more danger on his way to collect these screws. Cannons, creatures, magnetic fields and complicated labyrinths. The difficult part of the game is logic aspect of turns of our protagonist. Think and always create the map and the way how to exit the stage before stuck forever…

DOOM, WOOD or MOOD this is the QUakESTION…  DOOM, DOOM and DOOM how good you are only the one who can get ya knows… no introduction needed here but…

It’s a 1995 year. I don’t remember full date but  it was the first time when I put my little hands on keyboard pluged into legendary 386 PC IBM on screen rised legendary DOOM the adventure and from that time world of games wasn’t the same. Futuristic game that changed the world. Developed by two legendary Johns: Romero & Carmack and rest of id Software crew in 1993. Its one of my fav all time. Dad of all shooters and first person games with great effects, animation, music, mood and full arsenal of weapons and hords of deamons to defeat.

– Dad!!! Please I can’t sleep I’m scared so much. Turn off that game!
– Easy my son, give me a while or a few minutes I must defeat… or close your eyes, don’t look and be quiet, go to your room…
– but Dad!..

It is what I remember about this game. First Horror I know the title was developed by Infrogames studio from France in 1992. It is te real pice of fear, stress, anexity for little guys. Uff… fortunately I’am old enough to play and explore that piece of art.
In my opinion it’s a real base for all horrors and survival games that We know today. Most of them and specialy for Resident Evil and Silent Hill another great titles for brave Knights 🙂

Sir Dan – The Hero of Gallowmere?  almost 🙂 when you get it throught you wanna see the true…

1998 my neighbor bought his first gray console, it was great PSX by Sony. Plugged into old SD TV the Gray box with spinning demo promo disc started the legendary PSX intro. The comic skeleton in armour with big sword and skull shield appeared to my eyes and I knew
my life will never be like before…
Epic game by Chris Sorrell,
Fenomenal Soundtrack by Andrew Barnabas & Paul Arnold

Dirty streets, dark mood and lot of bad boys to kick off – this is how old school does it…
King Pin life of crime – that is the full tittle of the most violent game of those years. It is 1st of June 1999 Interplay INC. released on  a PC a fiction Windy City taken alive from the past of prohibition and gang style life of 30’s
but with more ideas from future. Developd by Xatrix on improved id quake 2 engine, looks perfect in 99’s. From speakers shoots a legendary Cypress hill with few tracks: Oh yea! what a mood 🙂 The MultiPlayer is still alive! And SinglePlayer have new fresh mods: after so may years, really nice payed respect for all that gang bang

If life be without Potts than better no life be 🙂
Every Wizard knows what’s up about great universe of books and films about famous Harry Potter but minority knows the HP games. As a Hogwarts student, I mean primary school student, I took a lot of time with this pice of art. Great and linnear simple story to go with some parts of the book not occurring in films. Lots of fun, magic and mood… yes the mood is most primay aspect of this game. SOUNDTRACKS – the most important part of this creation. Music writen and composed by great Jerremy Soule – the master of ever space,
who changed the wave forever. When another great composer John Williams worked with HP movies soundtracks Jerremy work with HP game music in the same time. Any of them haven’t had any contact with another. Effect you can admire because themusic of both Sirs fits so good thogether when you putt it in game or movies or listen it one by one alternatery when you read HP or do what ever.  

“traśnie go lubieee…!!!”

The great LEGENDARY Gothic series by German Piranha Bytes studio. Great Saga about Noname/Nameless Hero who start as criminalist in old Mine Valley in lands of Khorinis island to work with another outlaw guys to gather magical ore for King of Myrthana Robar II who needs it to Boost up his armys for War with Orcs.
The world is really dark and full of rough and reality, everybody must fight to survive. Thats a Gothic one mood. But I started adventure from GOTHIC 2 than my feelings started growth in here. As Unknown hero we start after nap under the rubble. We survived thanks to nekromancer Xardas. In his tower he tell as about actual condition of hero and prepare for new Danger! The rumours about dark armys & Dragons on Island outskirts looks like real. We must learn our skills and knowledge from beginger. But first We must get in to the city of Khorinis and speak with Paladins about current situation…

Specific but realy moody and original one of My favourite music in game by Kai Rosenkranz the named hero of Khorinis!!! The Polish dubbing rules! I’m proud to know this language 🙂

Check also great new DLC for Gothic 2: Gold Edition The Chronicles Of Myrtana

you see some inconsistencies report