full features

from simple 8bit to HQ futristic and orchestral sounds depends of need indeed 🙂
give me some additional materials: scribe, pics, movie, sketch etc. to better meaning of idea concept 
I can mixed prepared soundtrack with clips, screens inform of early trailer

writing/composing in midi at pro DAW and using HQ VST isruments. I offer many of them in my lab/workshop
that form of work I most prefered because give our extra time and fast precision editing/sending with any single soundtrack, wave sample or note
I prefer remote work from my home office/support ?h/5d on a week or more (depends of arts/arragment we decided)

From my side I assure full rough or premastered mix and/or steams balanced for the others (if you need for profesional mastering or other uses) of amog choosen soundtracks

“I’m not a professional mastering engineer” (still lerning) 😉

in no comertial you can use lot of my music, loops, sounds in 99% …

 (for be shure on 100% please ask or tell me about wich and how you wanna use it to avoid understatements )

… to powered any kind of your arts but it is one require!
tag it with this in any fields of use

[by #danloop, danloop.art ]

and remember always small letters for tagging 🙂

additional use of logo type is always

Alwso working a litte with graphic and movie edit etc. if you need there is possibility to prepare a trailer/teaser
from material you upload with dlp music/sounds or another artist too (ofcourse if you have permisson/license for it 😉

In summary, it offers a wide range of possibilities. from sound to picture and from games to movies separately or as a whole (over and over again as looped 😉 so tell me what you need.

More details in direct contact