the danloop arts…

The passion is to take any way to create loop and compositions. The d. looping any various of tones and sounds to compose it in different styles and genres of music. Most of them is seperate on 2 types of tune, 440hz and 432hz. It is the pack of shipshape loop sounds, samples to create another great loops and composition.

about 440hz

Its electronic and chemical part of tones. Specialization of that loops is all genere of music and more…

about 432hz

Its the pure part of sounds and the h-all of nature. Specialization is smooth, mood, chill and space experiments or infinity

the sound

Sound art conception for most tracks/loops is Lo-fi and specyfic way of mixing for now.


Have no one direction for genre and create. It is open source for any ideas and has only a few guidelines on start with infinite and any possibility ways of creations. And on the end, who knows… maybe you’ll like it.